Okusama wa Joshi Kousei

Okusama wa Joshi Kousei

Alternative: Жена-школьница ; おくさまは女子高生 ; 我太太是高中生 ; Hiyoko Brand ; Hiyoko Brand - Okusama wa Joshikousei ; HIYOKO BRAND おくさまは女子高生 ; My Wife is a High School Girl ; Oku-sama wa Joshi Kousei
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Author(s): Kobayashi Hiyoko
Genre: Adult, Comedy, Romance, School Life, Seinen,
Status: Ongoing

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Onohara Asami is a cute, 17 year-old, 2nd-year high school student. What nobody knows is that she's actually already married, to her physics teacher.
Besides her responsibility as a student, she now has to take care of the household and keep the marriage a secret in school. Will she be able to do all of this and will she succeed in making her danna-sama (husband) interested in her?

Okusama wa Joshi Kousei chapters


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